Type Rating Training

Type Rating with Srivijaya Air/ NAM TC FOR 737 NG at Jakarta

According to the latest market research, if you are a fresh pilot landing your first job can prove to be extremely difficult. Airlines prefer experienced pilots and are commonly reluctant to invest into training the fresh one. However, it does not necessarily mean that finding a job straight after CPL training is entirely impossible as there are ways to gain an advantage. One of them is to gain that initial experience on a particular type by obtaining a Type Rating.

Having a type rating certifies that a pilot has received proper training and is proven to be proficient and skilled to fly a specific aircraft. All turbojet aircraft weighing over 12,500 pounds are required to have a type rating, especially Airbus and Boeing jets.

While obtaining a type rating is not always mandatory, a self-sponsored type rating will greatly help, especially if you want to accelerate your job hiring process and have an edge over your peers.

Air Glorietta helps you get the best comprehensive type rating program in accordance to the air lines industries with the help its partner companies in India an abroad.

Air Glorietta has the Collaboration for Type Rating Training with Sri Lankan airlines, Sri Lanka for A-320 and Sriwijaya Air/National Aircrew Management Training Centre (NAMTC), Jakarta, Indonesia for Boeing 737 NG.

Airbus – 320 Type Rating Program with Sri Lankan Airlines
Boeing 737 NG Type Rating Program with Sriwijaya Air/NAMTC Jakarta, Indonesia.