Line Training

Line Training

Nowadays Airline business requires highly experience pilots in order to secure employment. Line training program give the opportunity for low hour pilots to secure and gain experience on commercial jets, which reduces the training cost and increases the safety of Airline.

Landing your first job as a pilot is not as easy as most people think. By the time you finish your flight training, you know that your current hours of flight training won’t simply impress big companies like airlines. Airlines will always hire the cream of the crop as much as possible – seasoned pilots with a higher number of hours that need less training. Despite that it is not impossible to land a job at a big company and one of them is by obtaining a Line Training.

Line training program for pilot helps you increase the amount of hours flown, gain experience in the actual aircraft and get the better job. Line training programs are offered by airlines or recruiters. Despite the fact that there are many line training programs in the world the most popular are A320 line training and B737 line training.

A line training is a series of flights where a pilot trainee flies with a Line Captain Pilot (and initially, a safety pilot in the jump seat to take over in case of emergency). 

Line training programs are an excellent way for new pilots to increase the number of hours flown to meet an airline’s requirement for employment, fly the actual aircraft, and increase your chances of employment by receiving an opportunity to be hired by the airline after one successfully finishes the training.

Air Glorietta has everything you need to prepare for your line training as several Airlines don’t offer line training. Throughout the years, Air Glorietta has placed its students in line training who eventually landed airline jobs due to excellent, comprehensive, and complete training.

Air Glorietta has the Collaboration for Line Training with Airlines in Sri Lanka and many other Airlines in South–East Asia / European Countries.