Mastery Begins on the Ground

Ground Training

Today flying an aircraft has gone much beyond the basic motor skill of a human being. Fly by wire technique involves as much theoretical knowledge as motor skills and more. Today an aviator has to match the knowledge of various subjects with his basic practical flying skills.

With tremendous advancement and modernization of aircraft’s, a pilot on board needs to be intelligent, educated and capable of coping up with the latest technology. Therefore almost all major airlines now have tough selection procedure where a candidate faces stiff competition and only those who have adequate theoretical knowledge clear the examinations.

To provide such professional knowledge an exclusive Ground Training Department (GTD) is established at Air Glorietta with highly qualified professionals to impart academic training in the field of aviation. The class conducted by Air Glorietta will not only help the pilot students to clear the examination of Ground subjects conducted by Director General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) but also prepare them to have foundations for sound professional knowledge required for a modern Airlines Pilot to be able to connect globally. Air Glorietta has an excellent infrastructure equipped with all modern teaching aids, audiovisuals aids, including a large number of video training films.

Air Glorietta also boasts of a fine library, with books offering comprehensive information on every aspect of Aviation.