Air Glorietta is proud to be one of the best companies to deliver flight crew across the globe. Air Glorietta provides the opportunity to candidates to fly one of the world’s best fleets and potentially join a team of dedicated, professional and flexible pilots and cabin crews that keep airline for safety and punctuality.

Crew leasing is one of the best solutions to an airline or company’s staffing needs for both small and large companies.  It is where a pilot is employed at a contractual basis by a crew leasing company such as Air Glorietta to fly under the airline and its fleet. This means that the pilot will fly the airline’s planes, but we handle the pay and benefits.

Air Glorietta has deployed over many qualified and experienced pilots as well as fresh from training pilots across several airlines and companies over the years. 

What are the advantages of crew leasing with Air Glorietta?

  • Reduce management and staff workload – we take care of recruitment, logistics, contract creation, and other responsibilities for a contractual employment
  • Save time – your company can focus on more essential tasks such as company expansion and seasonal changes by reducing the time needed to screen and employ pilots.
  • Tailor services – we work with you to understand and customize your needs.
  • Skip screening stages – we have a roster of experienced and qualified flight crew to select pilots based on your standards or requirements.
  • Offer excellent client service – our team will be glad to assist you if any need arises
  • Employ a crew member –  after the contract expires, the company can employ the pilot for a permanent job if you are satisfied with the pilot’s performance.

Air Glorietta was the crew leaser for Garuda Citilink Indonesia and recently signed an agreement for crew leasing with one of the up coming airlines in Vietnam.

Signing the contract with Garuda Citilink Indonesia

Signing the contract with an airline in Vietnam

Signing the contract with Sri Lankan Airlines

Recruitment Process of Fresh Pilots for Garuda Citi link Indonesia

Recruitment Drive of Experienced Pilots for Garuda Citilink Indonesia