Type Rating Training

According to the latest market research, if you are a fresh pilot landing your first job can prove to be extremely difficult. Airlines prefer experienced pilots and are commonly reluctant to invest into training the fresh one. However, it does not necessarily mean that finding a job straight after CPL training is entirely impossible as there are ways to gain an advantage. One of them is to gain that initial experience on a particular type by obtaining a Type Rating.

Aircraft technology is rapidly changing with increased automation and more sophisticated systems. We believe training should continue to evolve too. Therefore through our extensive market solutions, we provide ratings at such Type Rating Training Organizations (TRTO’s) where pilots are now able to learn using a variety of contemporary training methodologies. The unique blend of distance learning course ware, hands-on training sessions in Virtual Procedures Trainer, and realistic line-oriented training sessions in a full flight simulator allow pilots to learn using the latest training technologies and methods.