Smita Mishra

Vice – President

Our greatest reward in establishing Air Glorietta is to see our students live their dream of flying and experience a different outlook in life, especially when their perspective is beyond the clouds.

Part of Air Glorietta’s Motivation, as it significantly rose above other aviation training organisations, is to share the excitement of being up in the sky.

That is why we have exerted all our efforts to make Air Glorietta: to provide an ideal aviation training, not only for those who dream of flying but also for those who envisioned themselves working in the airline industry.

Air Glorietta has grown to become one of the best providers of aviation training with the top caliber instructors that have work experiences in the airline industry. In a short period of time, our graduates have been hired and are now working with different airlines companies locally & across the globe.

We are the Air Glorietta, the fastest growing aviation firm in the country.